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Raise reading superstars

The most personalized children's library in the world. Made for children, backed by research.

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Fun, educational, and effective screen time.

An entire smart library of personalized children's books for unlimited reading, any time. Perfect for children aged 2-6.

Your child’s very own reading space.

Your child's personal bookshelf, free to customize with their favourite books, awards, and fun storytime games.


Uncompromising representation.

Your child deserves to see themselves in their books. Design your child's avatar once, and every book in Pibbon's library updates to include your child.


Safe, smart, and research backed.

Pibbon's super smart personalized books use research backed methods proven to make your child a better reader.


Join the inclusive reading revolution.

We built Pibbon to enable the children who never see themselves in books become better readers through representation and smart reading. We want the next generation of readers to feel more included than the last. Join us on our inclusive reading journey.