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About Pibbon

A story about the future of children's reading

Hello! If you're reading this, you're probably interested in how Pibbon came to be and what motivated us to improve reading for children. So tuck yourself in, grab a time-of-day appropriate drink, and settle down for "The story of Pibbon."
When the people that made Pibbon were all very young, we became fascinated with children's books.

And there was so much to be fascinated by. The best ones could take us on magical adventures, teach us about the wonders of the world, and introduce us to characters we would treasure forever.

But children's books weren't perfect by any means. They had all sorts of problems people never liked to talk about.

Back then, protagonists always looked the same. They were always from one demographic and nearly always the same gender. But we weren't. We were diverse. From different cultures. With different abilities.

Back then, books were happy to espouse traditional values. Like the mother taking care of a child while the men went to work. That wasn't our reality. Our parents shared work. They shared responsibility. They were a team, not a stereotype.

As we grew up, we kept our fascination with children's books. We wanted to see them progress and become shining beacons of the values we loved them for. We were excited to see the impact technology would have on the books we loved, and we were curious about where they would go next. And then...

Nothing happened. Children's books didn't much change. In fact, they looked an awful lot like they did when we were young.

We heard that some people were making personalized books. The idea was revolutionary.

Suppose you could personalize a book to its reader. Suddenly, you could give the reader the representation, the skills, and reading help that had been missing from the reading experience. What a fantastic idea.

But the reality of personalized books isn't nearly as impressive. In fact, they have become code for expensive gifts for special occasions.

Teaching soft skills, representation, and smart reading are nowhere to be seen.

What if children owned books that were actually made for them? What if we could introduce smart features into books to make them more accessible, interactive, and fun.

Would we raise a more knowledgeable, confident, and successful generation?

That's where Pibbon comes in. We want to break away from today's static books โ€” and create the reading experiences our children deserve. As a first step, we are creating the most inclusive library in the world.

Want your child to learn the skills that will help them in life? To see people that look like them in their stories? To feel supported while they read? Pibbon is made for you. Your child's personalized bookshelf.

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The Pibbon team work remotely from all over the world. We are a diverse group of people interested in reading, computing, art, languages, and tigers.

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