Beta email signup - What am I signing up for?

When you give us your email you're signing yourself up to receive an email notification at the point Pibbon is ready to launch to its first public customers..

This is commonly known as a beta launch and it allows those most interested in the product to experience it as soon as it's available. We'll begin to send emails notifying those who signed up when the product is ready - we will only send you an email notification when the product is available to you.

Our data privacy promise

We don't want to spam you or harvest your data, so if you sign up with your email we promise:

  • We won't use this email to send you anything other than an email notification at launch.
  • Your email won't be given to any third parties - it's stored securely on our servers and kept private.
  • You can withdraw your email at any time by sending a request to contact@pibbon.com. You must send us an email from the email you used to sign up.

👉 Thanks I understand, take me home!

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