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Published 28/02/2022

Backed by Innovate UK ❤️

Deepak Bhalla

We are very excited to announce that our mission to provide children with brand new, equitable ways of reading has been awarded funding from Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency.

This project will take a technology-first approach to develop the ecosystem, tools and services needed to help build Pibbon's innovative library platform. Using a combination of the latest in reading research, AI, and cutting edge video technologies, we are developing a robust platform to build and consume our devilishly intelligent, highly personalised children's books.

We designed the platform based on the 'ownership and representation' principle, in which each child owns their own highly personalised bookshelf. Each book in the child's bookshelf includes them as characters - allowing children of all races, abilities, and backgrounds to find faithful representation that engages them as readers. (See 'Top 3 reasons why your child needs deeply personalised books')

Innovate UK's funding will enable Pibbon to expand throughout 2022

Innovate UK's backing means we can expand with the necessary expertise to make our goal of increasing equity in children's reading a reality.


At Pibbon, we believe in the power of reading. We built Pibbon to enable the children who never see themselves in books to become better readers through representation and smart reading. We want the next generation of readers to feel more included than the last. Join us on our inclusive reading journey.

Innovate UK

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