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6 out-of-the-box tips to help your child read more

Alex Chalmers
Head of Communications

Are you looking for some out-of-the-box ideas to get your child reading? Here are some fun and easy ideas to get them excited about books:


Make it a competition. Try creating a challenge where your child can earn points for each book they read. Build the points up and let them spend them on fun activities like swimming or tickets to a football match.


Make noise! Encourage your children to read aloud - to you and your family. Use tools like Story Starter to create fun scenarios you and your family can act out. Reading aloud and acting out characters will encourage your child to involve themselves reading process.


Don't be afraid to use pictures. Graphic novels, comics and picture books are useful tools to encourage reading. Many involve complicated plots, teachable moments and illustrations to help them understand context when they get stuck.


Make book access easy. Surrounding your children with books has never been easier. Consider giving your child access to a digital library with many books.

Digital libraries are great for replacing passive screen time and makes it easy for children to find and explore books that are out there. For older children, e-ink readers are perfect reading companions with long battery lives that can take a dent or two!


Try before you buy. If your child starts a lot of books but quickly loses interest, use a digital library like Pibbon to read the samples of books before fully investing. Choosing not to continue reading a sample is a lot less expensive than choosing not to read a book.


Read to your dog or cat! Pets make the perfect listening companions. This can help build children's confidence and make them look forward to reading time.

Published 17/11/2022