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6 Of The Best Books for 2-Year-Olds for 2023

Alex Chalmers
Head Of Communications

Reading books with your little ones is a fun and exciting way to bond, and at the age of two, they can really get into the stories! From classic tales to playful rhyming stories, snuggle up and enjoy some great books together.

Not only is reading a calming activity, but it also helps with their language development and understanding of the world. Plus, books can be great tools for helping with important milestones like potty training or brushing teeth.

With a range of fun flaps, textures, and sounds, your two-year-old will be entertained and love reading with you. And with the cost of living crisis, spending more time at home this winter is a great opportunity to start a new reading routine.

By Giles Andreae

Gerald inspires your little one to boogie and shake their tailfeathers! This charming book with catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations will have parents and kiddos dancing along in delight

By Stella Blackstone

Join Bear on an adventure as he chases after Mouse to deliver his delicious cake! Along the way, Bear hops on a bike, a lorry, a skateboard, and even a canoe to catch up with Mouse. Can he succeed and keep the cake safe? This fun and wacky book is perfect for parents and children to explore together, with lots of different types of transport to discover and a gender neutral storyline. Get ready for some laughs and lots of excitement!

By Pibbon

Imagine your child snuggled up in bed, eagerly listening to a bedtime story that has been personally crafted just for them.

With beautiful illustrations and soothing verse, this personalized bedtime story is the perfect way to lull your little one into a peaceful sleep. It's the ultimate bedtime treat for the most precious members of your family.

By Julia Donaldson

Are you tired of your little ones constantly losing their socks? Look no further! Join Mr. Fox and his trusty sidekick, Mouse, on their hilarious hunt for those elusive socks. From a trunk to under the mat and even in a cupboard, you'll never guess where those socks could be hiding.

By Julia Donaldson

Are you ready for a magical adventure with a witch and her trusty cat? Join them as they soar through the skies on their broomstick, but watch out - the wind might just blow away their witch's hat! Luckily, a kind-hearted dog comes to the rescue and is rewarded with a seat on the broom.

Along the way, they meet a cast of lovable characters who help the witch recover all the items she's lost. But with so many new friends, will there be enough room on the broomstick for everyone? This enchanting tale is filled with humor and rhythm, and the illustrations are bursting with vibrant colors. It's a must-read for parents and kids alike!

By Sam McBratney

Join Little Hare and his daddy as they playfully compare their love for each other. Little Hare loves his daddy as far as he can reach and even as far as the river. As he gets sleepy, he tells him he loves him up to the moon. And when he sleeps, daddy whispers 'I love you to the moon and back'.

This adorable book is the perfect bedtime story for parents to bond with their little ones. The repetitive text makes it easy to follow along and the loving message is sure to warm your heart. Plus, it's never too early to share the magic of love with your baby.

Looking for a way to help your little one become a bookworm? No problem! Here are some fun tips to get them excited about reading:

  • Make reading a daily routine. Snuggle up at bedtime and read to them throughout the day if you can. This will help them get used to sitting down and enjoying a book with you.
  • Choose books that are easy to follow, with lots of pictures and not too many words on each page. Funny stories and books with repetitive or rhyming text are great for keeping them engaged and helping them remember the story.
  • Let your toddler pick the books you read together by putting out a few options for them to choose from. Include books about their favorite topics, like animals or the alphabet, to make learning fun.
  • Be a reading role model. If your little one doesn't see you reading, make sure they do! Seeing you enjoying books will inspire them to pick up their own.
Published 01/12/2022